新闻 ALERT: 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® Presents an Alternative to Traditional Chemical Cleaners at 伊萨 2021!

After two years of pandemic travel limitations, it was a pleasure to see 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® customers face-to-face again at the 伊萨 North America convention!

Although overall traffic was slower than normal at the November 16th-18th conference in Las Vegas, the 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® booth still attracted a good number of visitors. 澳门十大娱乐网址大全的团队能够与代表化粪池维护的各种清洁行业专业人士交谈, restaurant and grease trap maintenance, wholesale chemicals, wastewater treatment, and cleaning product distri但ion.

These guests came looking for the ecologically friendly “green” cleaners, 生物制剂, and enzymatic treatments that make 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® stand out from conventional chemicals thanks to underlying “益生菌” technology. 他们还对如何在最经济和/或最方便的输送系统中确保这些生物制品的安全感兴趣, such as concentrates, 选项卡, 和集团.

澳门十大娱乐网址大全感谢那些停下来谈论“绿色”清洁技术的人,并期待在未来进行进一步的对话! Contact us any time to learn more:

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Grease trap, waste disposal,Waste water treatment ponds, waste water disposal procedures

PRESS RELEASE: Reduce Grease Trap Buildup, Odors, and Fines with ECO-TRAP™

October 27, 2021

餐厅, 自助餐厅, and other food-processing facilities often face grease trap maintenance challenges. Too much fat buildup can lead to bad smells, clogged drains, and even fines for exceeding acceptable 生化需氧量 or 雾 (fat, 石油, grease) discharge levels. 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® 国际提供了一种生物解决方案,以保持脂肪和油脂捕集器控制在生态陷阱™.

ECO-TRAP™是一种含特殊添加剂的隔油池处理方法,可使大量的润滑脂沉积变得松散和液化, t在这里by speeding up their degradation. ECO-TRAP™ reduces 石油 and fat accumulation, prevents emergency blockages, and reduces 生化需氧量 and bad odors. ECO-TRAP™含有生物营养素和刺激物,促进天然细菌种群形成更大的菌落. The more beneficial bacteria are present, the more power is available to break down the fats, 油, and greases filling up the grease trap.

Keeping grease trap contents under control helps facilities avoid a variety of nuisances:

• Mechanical Problems: Scum buildup is reduced, pipe drainage is improved, and emergency blockages or grease trap 溢出s are avoided.
• 遵从性问题:设施在排放废物时,若未能符合生化需氧量或生化需氧量的要求,可将废物排放降至可接受的水平,以避免罚款和费用.
• 气味问题:减少隔油池中的脂肪含量可以去除对工人和顾客都有冒犯性的难闻气味.

ECO-TRAP™ comes in three different forms to meet the user’s preference. ECO-TRAP™L是一种液体版本,由于自动计量,通常是用户的首选. It can be added manually to the grease trap, 但 it is often injected automatically with the aid of a pump like those used for restaurant dishwashers. This cuts down on the manual labor of daily application. If manual labor is not a concern, users can apply ECO-TRAP™ P, 粉状包装在水溶性的包,可以直接添加到隔油器在一天结束的几分钟. 仍然, some users prefer the ECO-TRAP™ BLOC, 哪种含有生物营养素和兴奋剂的缓释块形式,可以直接添加到一个不太乱的(但不是死的)区域的隔油池进行延长治疗.

T在这里 are a variety of potential users that stand to benefit from ECO-TRAP™. 餐厅 and food courts are especially good candidates, as are food processing factories. 解决脂肪和油脂堆积问题的一个很好的例子来自一家全天候运转的鱼罐头工厂.Their grease trap was so overloaded that 水 was completely obscured with a layer of fat. 问题的严重性可能是由于在工厂生产过程中使用海水,由于高氯化物含量,减缓了脂肪的消化. In spite of this, just two months after applying ECOTRAP™ in conjunction with BCP22™ (a similar, extra strength treatment for 雾), 水 surface had cleared up by 70%, leaving only 30% covered by a fat layer. In another case, 通过在排水管中加入ECOTRAP™和BCP22™,一家淀粉工厂在两周内就能显著降低TSS和生化需氧量5的水平.

Grease traps can be a catch-all for many fat-related problems. 定期使用ECO-TRAP™有助于消除这些问题,使餐厅和美食广场可以专注于向人们提供营养,而不是追逐排水管堵塞和气味问题.

Contact 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® today to design an ECO-TRAP™ solution:

To learn more about ECO-TRAP™, please visit:

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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #21: Solving Restaurant Grease Trap and Sewer Problems

October 26, 2021

下水道经常堵塞,再加上隔油池发出的难闻气味,已经成为俄罗斯一家餐馆的头疼问题. In 2017, they decided to try adding 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® ECO-TRAP™ L and BCP22™ to the sewer pipe and grease trap. 结果非常好,餐厅写了一封公函,推荐该产品在其他食品生产设施中使用!

Read the full case history 在这里.

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Dirty Grease trap, grease recovery device collects and reduces fats, 油 and greases.

新闻 ALERT: Grease Trap Cleanup in Action!

October 26, 2021

Do you ever groan when it comes to dealing with 集油器? 脂肪, 油, 油脂会迅速积聚在餐馆和其他加工高脂肪的食品工业设施中. Grease traps are t在这里 to keep too much fat from going into the sewer, 但, 不幸的是, grease still tends to build up, 溢出, and create bad odors. The good news is that we are seeing real life successes with BCP22™ 和ECO-TRAP™ treatments from 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® 国际!

Just this year, a canned fish factory in Russia began applying these biological products to their 集油器. 该设施, which operates 24/7, had so much fat built up in the grease trap that it completely obscured 水. The factory uses seawater in its production processes, and this can potentially slow 雾 (fats, 油, and greases) digestion. However, after biological treatment with BCP22™ 和ECO-TRAP™ 开始, the fat began to gradually decrease even in the presence of high chloride wastewater (17,000毫克/升). In just two months, 70% of the
water surface was clear and only 30% was still covered by fat! 该产品的成功促使工厂继续订购该产品,并开始计划在其他企业集团地点进行试验. Stay tuned for more developments!

Contact us to learn more:

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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #33: Eliminating Potato Scab in Japanese Test Field

October 20, 2021

在日本马铃薯产量最高的地区之一,一个马铃薯种植户的马铃薯痂病感染率很高. In two fields measuring 65 hectares (160.6 acres) total, the farmer’s infection rate had reached approximately 85% prior to 2019.

The farmer set aside 35 hectares (86 acres) as Test Area No. 1 and sprayed ORGANIC PLUS™ RH (diluted in water) on the s石油 in the spring of 2019. Potato scab was eliminated in this test area for the 2019 growing season. 成功归功于鼠李糖脂和其他天然成分在ORGANIC PLUS中的协同作用™ RH helping to control the problem through natural mechanisms

Read the full case history 在这里.

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Holstein cow with huge tongue

新闻 ALERT: Large New Zealand Dairy Cooperative Endorses 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® Lagoon Treatment Technology

October 20, 2021

We are excited to announce that a large dairy cooperative in New Zealand has endorsed 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® biotechnology for the treatment of wastewater effluent!

奶牛场的农民们一直面临着用来储存粪便的废水泻湖的问题, so the organization coordinated trials of BCP80™ 与澳门十大娱乐网址大全® 国际’s New Zealand distri但or. Following the trials, the cooperative agreed that 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® effluent pond cleaning products would be the recommended technology for their network of more than 10,000农民, responsible for a large percent of the world’s dairy exports. Although COVID lockdowns have slowed training and introduction of the technology, several farmers have already signed on for a monthly subscription to BCP80™ for more efficient treatment of their manure waste!

BCP80™ enhances and accelerates the biological digestion of animal wastes, reduces costs of manure pit maintenance and drainage, and helps reduce odors. Learn more about it 在这里:

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closeup hand of person holding abundance s石油 for agriculture or planting peach.

Take the Natural Path to Healthier S石油 and Plants

October 19, 2021

Farmers face many challenges that can affect their final yield. S石油 health is an especially key factor that directly impacts crop health. The ability of plants to get good nourishment from the s石油, form healthy roots, and readily access water is closely related and works to promote healthier crops overall. This in turn encourages better disease resistance and higher yields. With these goals in mind, 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® 国际通过提供有益的微生物和有机+™和有机+™RH的营养物质,帮助农民增加丰富的有机物质和恢复健康的土壤结构. With these biological s石油 amendments, farmers can take the natural path toward healthier s石油 and plants.

Enhance the Natural Fertility of S石油
ORGANIC PLUS™ is a highly effective natural plant biostimulant and s石油 microbial enhancer. It contains high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids, marine plants, and micronutrients. 它可以帮助 通过增加土壤养分和微生物来提高土壤的自然肥力,从而提高作物产量. It is also available as ORGANIC PLUS™ RH, a rhamnolipid version that provides added natural benefits to plants. ORGANIC PLUS™ / RH promotes plant health in many different ways:

• Fertilizes s石油
• Enhances seed germination
• Chelates and colloidalizes fertilizers (to promote better nutrient uptake)
• Enhances root formation
• Enhances bacterial activity
• Improves water availability

In addition to direct application to s石油 and young crops, ORGANIC PLUS™ can also be used for hydroponic plants or as a seed soak/dip.

Positive Results from Field Testing
ORGANIC PLUS™ was applied in conjunction with S石油-BAC™ to a half-acre (0.2-hectare) soybean test field in the summer of 2018. 其目标是抑制每季两季胁迫导致作物产量仅为30%的再植失败. S石油 analysis found a more stable and finer aggregate after product application. 由于过度干旱和枯萎病,周围的农田遭受了严重的作物损失(约40%的作物无法重新种植), 试验区大豆发芽率极好,生长正常,产量100%.

2019年,在一块86英亩(35公顷)的马铃薯地里对有机加™RH(鼠李糖脂版本)进行了测试,那里的马铃薯痂病严重影响了以前的作物. Potato scab was virtually eliminated in this test area. The results were credited to the synergistic action of rhamnolipids and 其他自然衍生成分在有机加™RH帮助控制问题通过自然机制.

而健康生长和抗病的正常途径有时是使用过量的化肥和杀虫剂, 有机加™采用一种更自然的方法,通过补充有益微生物和营养的智能平衡,以改善作物健康和肥力.

Contact 澳门十大娱乐网址大全® today for special assistance selecting the right microbial enhancer for your s石油:

Learn more about ORGANIC PLUS™ 在这里:

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